One Malaysia??

Happy Merdeka Day To All..

At First not planning to write about Merdeka..
As I love Malaysia, But I dont know how to write about Malaysia..
The Kampung Buah Pala, The Permatang Pasir news, the current issue of our country..
I don't know and I don't care..
I don't read the news from newspaper that makes me sick and uncomfortable..
All I like is 'World Peace'..

In the middle of training, searching for some news, blogs, fiction and pictures for my assignment which the title is : Merdeka to us..

Once remember is that our country Theme is One Malaysia..

Suddenly... This.. appears in my page..

One Black Malaysia???? Why Black?

(it's a One Malaysia or One Black Malaysia??)

and a poem that I know there's something went behind it..
and i just like the sounds of the poem..
Just read through this..
It’s your country.
you deserve health, not H1N1 deaths

blue sky, not yearly haze
safety, not police violence
prosperity, not corruption
freedom, not ISA
truth, not utusan malaysia
justice, not kangaroo court
democracy, not coup
stop taking the wrongs lying down
stop your silence
it’s your country
you have a a say
your say is BLACK

Happy Merdeka Day!!
and World Peace to the World !!

Randomly, I heard a song..
Quite nice.. Energetic..

1 Malaysia

(just click on the title then save it!)

Enjoy it.. and Feel our Malaysia La..