Sg. Sedim LeAdership Camp

1st time went to Sg. Sedim located in Kulim..

Here is some statement i found online about Sg. Sedim..
** Sg. Sedim is a recreational forest about 30km northeast of Kulim.
The area is being private developed into extreme sports recreational centre with sporting
activities such as whitewater rafting and tubing. Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts to Sg. Sedim will delight in the flora of the rainforest. A canopy walk has recently been constructed to offer visitors the opportunity to get closer to the trees. The Canopy walk has been recorded as the longest canopy walk in Asia. **

This is the 1st picture of nature i'm took. Nice rite?? hehe..

Beacause of the camp, i get know Sg. Sedim..
thanks for the organiser..

That's All.. hehe..