A week with Jack..

For more than 1 week i don't even touch on my blog..
Start from Tue, I've suffering from fever n body pain, my friends ask me to go to see Doctors,
but as a anti-doctor, i'm only seeing doctor when i have special occasions under an excuse of period pain..
haha.. i know it's tricky, but it's also an advantage of being a woman for that kind of reason.
Finally, I also went to see a doctor near by my house a malay doc, he just ask me some simple question like : sakit apa? mana sakit? apa lagi sakit?
as reply, I've only answer mana sakit N 'doc, boleh bagi MC?'
All I care is my pay won't get cut while I'm taking sick leave..

Normally a fever will only take 1 to 2 days, after fever, I have diarrhoe..
2nd day, took half day leave, 3rd day MC again, 4th day on leave..
here goes my whole week..