BlogFest Asia - Day I

Since the BlogFest Asia more in English
I've tried myself to type in English, So called self-improvement.. Hehe..

A Festival celebrates internationally by Bloggers, instead of writes own blog in a single spaces..
Sharing ideas and thoughts will be another good idea, for me, at least...

1st day of BlogFest..
Having  Welcoming dinner at QEII.. 

I like the view of the place..

As a lone ranger, I thought i 'm alone except of meeting 侠客, who is one of the great committee..
Who knows, the world is small, I met friends..

the one standing at the back LauYee, and Vin.. and Shirlyn.. and Wendy, and David..

and YeeTeng..

The most exciting things is that instead of getting knew more new friends, i'm also getting closer with my old friends..

and the 1st day...
Additional Gifts for me from 988fm, woohoo..


Thanks ! Thanks for helping !
Mr Lonely寫道…
yeah.. agree with you too..
masih ini mer.....